Frankie Jones

Why we stock Frankie Jones....

They favour the use of GOT’s certified organic cotton. This ensures the cotton we are purchasing is most certainly organic. GOTs is recognized as the worlds leading organic textiles standard and has pretty strict guidelines in order to certify a fibre organic. We trust them. Peace Of Mind for us and the planet – simple.

We don't grow a lot of cotton here is Oz, mostly due to our bizzaro weather patterns. We therefore source all our Organic Cotton from India, one of the worlds leading Organic Cotton suppliers. Here the organic cotton farmers have invested much money and time into supporting “old school” farming methods. More manual labour, weeding and rotation of crops. Harder work than spraying a chemical. But so much better. We love them for it and love to support them.

Last but not least one of the most important reasons we support Organic farming of cotton is the serious health impacts the harsh chemicals used in conventional cotton farming can have on surrounding communities.

Bottom line, toxic chemicals used in agriculture, the neuro-toxins that kill bugs, impact humans. It is called Cancer. (1)

Most pesticides are applied in developing countries, where farmers often lack the equipment, information and training to handle pesticides.

And in fact the world’s second biggest selling pesticide is classified as extremely hazardous by the World Health Organisation. One drop absorbed through the skin is enough to kill an adult, yet this pesticide is still widely used in cotton production. What the.

I think you get the picture!

Frankie jones are very passionate about all of this. They love fashion but don’t want their stylish threads hurting anyone. Aiming to use 100% certified Organic cotton and be active and supportive in growing Organic Cotton farms around the globe.