Little Indi

Designed by julia kreienbühl who founded little indi in the fall of 2012. In the beginning she sewed every piece herself at her studio in switzerland. Now the clothes of little indi are produced in India. High quality is very important for julia. Because of that every piece is made out of 100% organic cotton.

Little indi does its utmost to make you feel comfortable in your clothes. 

We also want to ensure that the people who produce for us are able to feel good. A factory in India produces the garments which lives up to her high standards. From the organic cotton farmer to the seamstress, all of them are paid fair wages and are offered excellent working conditions. 

Because we want to take care of mother earth too, each stage in the workflow is done within a radius of 40km reducing the emission of co2. 

you can feel comfortable all around wearing little indi clothes!

This is why we stock Little Indi.