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Rainbow nesting blocks

Rainbow nesting blocks

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Our rainbow and nesting blocks are a perfect, well-rounded all-in-one building set designed specifically for children. This set is carefully crafted to provide endless opportunities for exploration, creativity, and skill development. This set includes a wide range of hollow blocks in various shapes and beautiful, vibrant colors. This diversity allows children to engage in imaginative play, learn about shapes, and explore color concepts.

With this set, children can engage in sorting, nesting, and building activities with unlimited potential. The hollow blocks can be stacked to create towers, assembled to construct houses, or used to build imaginative structures limited only by the child’s imagination.

They are designed to be safe for children, with smooth edges and non-toxic, child-friendly paints or finishes. Made from plantation timber and non-toxic paints making them 100% safe and good for the earth too.

Box Dimensions: 35cm x 27cm x 5cms.

Weight: 3kgs.


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